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10 New Toyota Cars and SUVs that Will Generate Massive Sales in 2021

10 New Toyota Cars and SUVs that Will Generate Massive Sales in 2021

January 1, 2023 Off By ShowBiz editor

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For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, Toyota buyers will be returning to the Japanese brand for the highest reliability and safety ratings in the business. However, despite such unprecedented customer loyalty, this brand doesn’t fail to introduce all-new models year after year, 2021 not being an exception. Today we will be demonstrating the most comprehensive lineup of upcoming Toyotas, listing in details their respective upgrades, innovations and prices.

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#1 2021 Toyota Venza

2021 Toyota Venza marks the return of this nameplate to the American market and takes the form of a hybrid AWD mid-size crossover.

#2 2021 Toyota GR Supra

The Japanese automotive legend made its comeback in 2020 after 22 years of absence. For 2021, the revived Supra gets two major updates: its six-cylinder becomes even hotter, while Toyota also introduces a lightweight version with 4-cylinder mill.

#3 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross

The Corolla sedan is already the best-selling car of all times, but in 2021, the company will try to replicate its success story with a new crossover version of this compact. Labeled as the 2021 Toyota Corolla Cross, it will be positioned as an affordable global offering from the brand that is even rumored to arrive to the US market.

#4 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime

The questionable viability of plugin hybrids might be up for discussion, but when it is offered on the world’s favorite crossover, there is no denying it will sell. The Prime moniker indicates that the new RAV4 is powered by the PHEV powertrain.

#5 2021 Toyota GR Yaris

Going on sale across European, Japanese and Australasian markets, this 2021 Gazoo-Racing treated Yaris belons g to the all-new generation of the model and is basically a spin on the previous, bonkers GRMN Yaris. The model comes with 3-cylinder turbocharged 1.6L engine that gives you 261 horsepower and 266 lb-ft, controlled via a 6-speed manual transmission.

#6 2021 Toyota Land Cruiser Black Pack

Let’s clear things out from the start. The Land Cruiser we are talking about in this release is not the American model, but a smaller full-size sold in Europe and known around the world as Toyota Prado. Rumored for a major overhaul oh-so-soon, the 4th generation SUV buys itself another year on the market with a new, attractive appearance package, improved diesel engine and revised infotainment tech.

#7 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross

It seems that to Toyota, the European subcompact crossover segment is not nearly as oversaturated as it is said to be, so in 2021, the company introduces another B-class competitor to the market. Based on the Yaris city car, the 2021 Toyota Yaris Cross will be produced at Toyota Motor Manufacturing France alongside the hatchback.

#8 2021 Toyota Corolla Apex Edition

The 12th generation Corolla enters its second year on the market, with an all-new, exclusive Apex Edition developed specifically for Toyota’s North American customers. The 6000-unit Corolla Sedan combines a more aggressive design with sporty suspension.

#9 2021 Toyota Sienna

Forget the bulky, MPV styling of the previous generations Siennas, since the new 2021 model arrives with SUV-inspired looks and a wide variety of premium features available. Residing on Toyota’s GA-K platform, the Sienna abandons its V6 engine, and becomes an exclusively hybrid offering.

#10 2021 Toyota Hilux

The Tacoma might be the best-selling Toyota truck in North America, but the rest of the world has give its heart to the indestructible Hilux. Without trying too hard, the international workhorse becomes more attractive by wearing a new 3-dimensional grille and bumper.

#11 2021 Toyota Mirai

At $60,000 the barely attractive hatchback had no chance of competing with more premium products, so this time the Toyota Mirai is making a comeback as a technological upper market 4-door coupe that will be riding on the all-new Rear wheel Drive Platform.

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