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2022 LIT Commercial Awards Announces Winners of the Inaugural Season

2022 LIT Commercial Awards Announces Winners of the Inaugural Season

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2021 LIT Commercial Awards: S1 Winner's Announcement

2021 LIT Commercial Awards: S1 Winner’s Announcement

The 2022 LIT Commercial Awards is honored to unveil the formidable award victors of Season 1.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2022 / — The 2022 LIT Commercial Awards is honored to unveil the formidable award victors of the Season 1, recognizing the marvelous commercial productions created by adaptive crews and teams across the industry, whilst celebrating their remarkable creativity and innovation in producing the best of screening operations and videos, elevating the overall standards among the field.

In the past season, the award program is proud to have received the immense participation of over 25 nations across the globe, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Austria, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Singapore, and many other countries. More than 180 entries were turned in by international production crews, signaling the ascendancy of the best there is.

Participation of International Brands
The LIT Commercial Awards, being in its’ initiation year, truly appreciates the opportunities of international exposure and participation, encompassing the conspicuous production teams, crews and salient organizations born within the industry, striving for sensational entries in the coming years. The 2022 awards have been stimulating, with direct submissions from renowned productions such as: ACNE, ELSAMUSE, Affinity Creative Group, Scope Studios, Matter, QNET, LevLane, The Pudding, Bold Content Video, CharityBids, True North Inc. and indirect submissions such as Apple, Netflix, LACOSTE, Stella McCartney, Eli Schwebel, Valley Strong Credit Union, Ronald McDonald House Fort Worth, and more.

“During this years’ competition, I am overwhelmed by the many awe-inspiring commercial productions in the 2022 LIT Commercial Awards, with so many entries teeming with creativity!” Exclaimed Thomas Brandt, the spokesperson of IAA. “I am truly honored to witness the elevation of commercialism, as the crews continue to thrive in creating messages that are memorable and everlasting, leaving behind a strong sensation of resonance.”

Grand Jury Panel
As the qualities of commercialism continue to experience exponential advancement, the LIT Commercial Awards would like to express the appreciation to the 32 members of the respected jury panel for their assistance in evaluation. These respected individuals who each possess tremendous contribution to the industry, are leading the way in the search of splendid productions, with great names like Joaquin Lynch Garay (United States), Martin Bihl (United States), Birger Linke (Singapore), Angel Iskrev (Bulgaria), Takae Takahashi (United States), Shangning Wang (United States), Daniel da Hora (Brazil), Pancho Gonzalez (Chile), Kushal Birari (United States), Yeon Sang Yoon (United States), and many more.

“With the 2022 LIT Commercial Awards being this exhilarating, I now have high expectations for the program moving into the next phase, as the need for commercials is constantly on the rise,” said Thomas. “Creativity and a structured mind is vital in creating the most interesting productions, which is why entrants are evolving to fulfil higher expectations in the fields of broadcast, non-broadcast, and commercials, and most importantly over the entire production industry.”

Kindly visit the LIT Commercial Awards’ official website for the complete list of LIT award winners.

About LIT Commercial Awards
The LIT Commercial Awards welcomes all organizations across video production companies, advertising and public relations firms, cable and broadcast television operations, as well as independent producers, designers, developers, content producers, digital artists, video professionals, creative directors, and internal creative and marketing team, for local, regional, or subscription avenues, that target both internal and external audiences. As such, the International Awards Associate (IAA) acknowledges invigorating productions that carries a message with weight, enunciating stories through their videos; in categories like Broadcast & Television, Video/Web-based Productions, Commercial Productions, YouTube & TikTok Video, and COVID-19 Related.

The LIT Commercial Awards recognizes, celebrates and honors novel excellence within the universal scale of international commercial video and television production, leading the way in the pavements of success and exposure to the global audience, producing the best commercial videos that will change the face of the industry.

About International Awards Associate (IAA)
Established in 2015, the International Awards Associate (IAA) is the organizer of MUSE Creative Awards, MUSE Design Awards, Vega Digital Awards, NYX Marcom Awards, NYX Game Awards, NYX Video Awards, TITAN Business Awards, TITAN Property Awards, LIT Talent Awards, LIT Commercial Awards, iLuxury Awards, NY Product Awards, New York Photography Awards, London Photography Awards, European Photography Awards and MUSE Hotel Awards. Our mission is to honor, promote and encourage professional excellence, from industry to industry, internationally and domestically, through award platforms that are industry appropriate.

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