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9 Upcoming Nissan Models in All Segments from Sports Cars to Family SUVs

9 Upcoming Nissan Models in All Segments from Sports Cars to Family SUVs

December 13, 2022 Off By ShowBiz editor

Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic

At a glance, the 2021 model year might end up becoming the decade defining for Nissan on the international arena. It brings the new generation of the crossover SUV model that contributes to a third of all sales, a new electric model is introduced, an anticipated refresh for the fan-favorite sports car is finally here and the list goes on. You have got to get acquainted with all of the newcomers, their prices and technical data.

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#1 2021 Nissan Z Proto

It has been eleven years since Nissan added a new nameplate to Z-series, and we have no doubts that the Z Proto gives us a preview of the next gen model.

#2 2021 Nissan Rogue

2021 Nissan Rogue gets a generation overhaul this year, boasting of a new platform, a more powerful engine, and enhanced safety tech.

#3 Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign

Based on the GT-R Nismo, this bespoke version of the iconic sportscar took Nissan and Italdesign more than 2 years to develop and perfect. When creating the GT-R 50, the companies split the tasks as follows: the Italian coachbuilder handled engineering and construction, while Nissan reworked the car’s exterior and interior.

#4 2021 Nissan Maxima 40th Anniversary Edition

In 2021, the longest running Nissan nameplate in the US marks its 40th anniversary, and to celebrate this milestone, the company releases a limited-edition model. This 4-door sedan takes for a start the Maxima’s Platinum trim and equips it with a few exclusive features.

#5 2021 Nissan Ariya

The development of Nissan’s first electric crossover took the company some time, but the result was definitely worth the wait. The Ariya received rear and all-wheel drive configurations, two battery options with liquid cooling, and up to 277 miles of EPA-estimated range.

#6 2021 Nissan Kicks

The subcompact Nissan Kicks is a relatively new global model that made its debut just 4 years ago. Still, the brand decided to freshen up its looks, while also making the crossover more attractive thanks to the new hybrid drivetrain.

#7 2021 Nissan Re-Leaf

Though the production Leaf is not getting any changes this model year, Nissan is determined to showcase the hatchback’s full capability with the new, ready-for-anything Re-Leaf concept. Developed as an emergency response vehicle, the model is based on the top Leaf Plus with a 62KWh battery and is fitted with a few exterior-mounted power outlets.

#8 2020 Nissan Armada/Patrol

The Patrol moniker has been an integral part of the Nissan’s international lineup for 70 years. The latest refresh for this model took place in 2020 and since it is basically the same SUV as the North American version Armada, we shall expect the similar changes to the latter.

#9 Nissan Magnite

Say what you want, but in terms of design and innovation Nissan looks much fresher on the rapidly growing Asian market rather than in the West. The upcoming B-class SUV Magnite is yet another confirmation of this claim and an important milestone in Nissan’s NEXT global transformation initiative.

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