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A Home May be Smart, but is it ‘Intelligent’?

A Home May be Smart, but is it ‘Intelligent’?

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Kingfish Technologies Announces New Energy Intelligence Platform, Fuel Hero

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. - October 27, 2022 - (

Today, Kingfish Technologies announced a new platform, Fuel Hero, which provides energy intelligence directly to consumers to help monitor their seasonal energy usage. As geopolitical turmoil, supply constraints, and extreme weather have led to soaring energy prices—and with little relief anticipated as winter bears down upon New England—Kingfish empowers consumers and energy suppliers alike to control their energy data, equipment, and supply. 

Fuel Hero is an interactive, personalized dashboard that enables consumers to closely monitor their energy consumption, anticipate fuel needs, and manage their energy spend during an upcoming season of expected energy pricing surges. For energy suppliers charged with keeping their customers warm this winter, Fuel Hero also automates a previously time-consuming heating oil tank inspection process. This application allows technicians or homeowners to document a tank's condition through a quick, guided inspection, thereby reducing operating costs and honoring safety concerns. It's a rather simple process. People and companies sign up for the free service in seconds. Companies and customers are both on the same page and can see how much fuel they have, how much fuel they've used and, most importantly, when they should fill up.

According to Kingfish Co-founder PJ Solomon: "This is a game-changer now for customers who want to really keep an eye on their energy consumption. There's so much smart hardware out there that is great at managing electricity usage, but really not a lot of options for people to keep an eye on their actual supply. Times are difficult these days and every penny matters ... so why not give everyone a chance to save big and really understand their usage and usage patterns. This helps on many levels from usage to safety implications to other unforeseeable issues during the heating season." 

With the launch of Fuel Hero, Co-founders Solomon and Chris Buchanan are building off of the success of Slick Energy and Tank Tracker, both of which were transformative technologies for the energy vertical. Tank Tracker, a software application for virtual tank inspections, was endorsed by the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association in 2021 as the go-to technology for fuel companies operating in the state. With the high levels of energy anxiety across the region, Solomon and Buchanan expect other New England associations, energy suppliers, and consumers to follow suit, establishing an equally quick adoption of Fuel Hero. 

Another Kingfish product, Current, rounds out the Company's product offerings. For suppliers, Current automates core business functions, from customer acquisition to marketing to payment processing, providing the digital tools needed to thrive in a highly competitive and dynamic home energy marketplace. 

About Kingfish:

Kingfish Technologies is a SaaS provider for the energy industry. Kingfish's software solutions improve energy suppliers' operational efficiency by helping offline companies manage their online businesses—giving them the technology and tools they need to run the day-to-day.


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