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Custom Sports Cars Tuned Beyond Recognition (Unique Models of Today)

Custom Sports Cars Tuned Beyond Recognition (Unique Models of Today)

November 16, 2022 Off By ShowBiz editor

Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic

The standard car tuning process implies the addition of new aerodynamic parts, installment of extra turbochargers and application of expressive paint schemes. Today, though we will show you a lineup of sportscar models where workshops didn’t hold back and re-sculpted them beyond recognition, basically creating all-new designs.

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#1 Niels van Roij Design Breadvan Hommage

Niels van Roij Design Studio commemorated the iconic 250 GT SWB AKA the Breadvan. Their base vehicle was an iconic Ferrari 550 Maranello produced between 1996 and 2001.

#2 Smit Oletha

Smit Oletha is basically a BMW Z4 Roadster with the body of the iconic Z8 from 2000s. The roadster gets a naturally aspirated V8 engine with 4150 hp.

#3 RML Short Wheelbase

RML Short Wheelbase is the brand’s all-new 30-unit production sportscar that has design inspired by the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Short Wheelbase and chassis from the 1990s Ferrari 550 Maranello.

#4 Ares Panther Progetto Uno

Introduced to the market in 2019, Ares Panther Progetto Uno builds on the chassis of Lambo Huracan and gets exterior styling inspired by the 1970 De Tomaso Pantera.

#5 Equus Throwback

We know Equus as the company that created the Baas muscle car. Their next project if the unique car model Throwback that is underpinned by a C7 Corvette, but has a unique look.

#6 Charge Cars Electric Mustang

This Electric Mustang by the UK Charge Cars is a unique restomod, built around a officially-licensed 1967 Mustang shell with components from Arrival, Michelin, and Roborace.

#7 Mitsuoka Rock Star

Mitsuoka is a unique Japanese tuner that takes locally manufactured cars and turns them into American loookalikes. One of their most interesting projects is the Rock Star, which is a Mazda MX5 Miata that resembles a Chevrolet Corvette C2.

#8 Boldmen CR 4

Boldmen CR 4 reimagines BMW Z4 in new carbon fiber bodywork, with a Nissan-inspired front fascia and a more powerful 3-liter turbo 6-cyllinder with 408 hps.

#9 Veloqx Fangio

Built by the British race team Veloqx and funded by the Hong-Kon billionaire Sam Li, the Fangio was designed to compete in the FIA World Endurance Championship by 2025. The car uses Ferrari F12 underpinnings and gets all-new carbon fiber bodywork that took 3 years of CFD research to create.

Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic