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EQ Denver Launches #HelpIsPossible Campaign During May’s Mental Health Awareness Month

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EQ Denver Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month

63% of 18 to 24 year-olds reporting symptoms of anxiety and depression

Engaging in peer activities and being a part of a community increases self-esteem, confidence, meaning and purpose in one’s life. All are critical components of care.

This month, Equinox will be spreading this message of there is hope, and with the right supports, your child and your family can get better.

There is hope, and there is help. With the right supports, your child and your family can get better.”

— Mary Marcantonio

GLENDALE, CO, USA, April 28, 2022 / — May is Mental Health Awareness Month (MHAM), a period during which mental health–focused organizations continue their efforts to fight stigma, educate the public, and advocate for improved mental health supports for all. This year, Equinox Counseling & Wellness Center—Colorado’s premier intensive treatment center provide for youth, young adults, and their families experiencing complex psychiatric issues—is launching its own campaign: #HelpIsPossible.

Last May, the CEO of Children’s Hospital Colorado announced a state of emergency for youth mental health. The statistics in our state are startling: The number and rate of suicide deaths among 15- to 19-year-olds continues to rise (Colorado Health Institute), and suicide remains a leading cause of death among Colorado kids between 10 and 24 years old (Partners for Children’s Mental Health). Fifteen percent of youth nationwide are living with major depression (Mental Health America).

These numbers and the real-life stories behind them lead many parents to feel hopeless. But Equinox is here to tell them: There is hope, and there is help. With the right supports, your child and your family can get better.

This month, Equinox will be spreading this message through its social media handles, direct emails, and news media. As you work on your own MHAM coverage, our team of clinical experts is available to speak about:

• Youth and young adult mental health

• How mental health issues can manifest in teenagers and young adults (substance use, isolation, etc.)

• What evidence-based therapies are available to youth, young adults and families—and how to determine which is right for you

• Why family support is critical in youths’ and young adult’s mental health journeys.

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