Every Rumor And Leak For The Game Awards 2022 | GameSpot News

Every Rumor And Leak For The Game Awards 2022 | GameSpot News

January 25, 2023 Off By admin
Every Rumor And Leak For The Game Awards 2022 | GameSpot News

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Hideo Kojima’s next project, and more reveals at this year’s Game Awards, info on Assassin’s Creed Mirage’s release date, and sign up for the weekend’s Hyenas Alpha.
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We’re days away from the Game Awards, with leaks and rumors coming in thick and fast. Here’s a roundup of the biggest things we expect to see at the event.

There’s a really strong chance we’ll be getting a look at the upcoming sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order; Jedi: Fallen Survivor. According to Jeff Grubb of GameSpot sister site, Giant Bomb, marketing for the game will be kicking off in December and expects the launch of the title to be March 2023. Then, Insider Gaming provided specific details around the game’s presence at the Game Awards, including a new trailer, release date, and pre-order details.

This would line up with the recent reveal of a tie-in book, Jedi: Battle Scars, that bridges part of the five year gap between the end of Fallen order and the beginning of Survivor.

This year, there has been an absolute ocean of rumors, leaks, and teases this year out of Kojima Productions and what they could possibly be working on next. A horror game? An anthology series? A sequel to Death Stranding? Metal Gear Solid 6?

Ok that last one I made up, but WHAT IF?!

Considering the recent teases from Kojima himself, as well as the fact the guy is certified bros with producer and host of the Game Awards Jeff Keighley, it seems almost inevitable the gaming auteur’s next title will be at the event. On December 1, Kojima tweeted an image with three logos and the caption, “start a new journey.”

According to reports from insiders, Kojima Productions is working on two games: a horror title codenamed Project Overdose, which has already leaked footage, and Death Stranding 2. The prevailing theory is that these logos, which were also present with official reveal images that actors Ellie Fanning and Shiori Kitsuna would be a part of the project, are related to Overdose rather than Death Stranding 2. The previously mentioned leaked footage also revealed that Margaret Qualley, the actor behind Death Stranding’s character Mama, is also in the game.

No word on release date, and no concrete info on whether Overdose will be the exclusive that Kojima is working on for Xbox, but hopefully a lot of these messy details will be cleared up by the time the Game Awards wraps.

Jedi: Survivor and Overdose are just the tip of the iceberg of what to expect from the Game Awards. The rest of the rumors include: an appearance from Diablo IV with pre-orders going live during the show, more from FF XIV, particularly as its producer, Naoki Yoshida, is confirmed to be at the event, updates for Among Us, news from publisher 505, potentially a better look at Tekken 8, and a possible tease of the next game from Josef Fares and Hazelight, the game director and studio behind last year’s Game Awards Game of the Year Winner It Takes Two. Josef is confirmed to also be attending the event.