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Fountain Health Announces Full Coverage on Neurological Imaging

Fountain Health Announces Full Coverage on Neurological Imaging

November 15, 2022 Off By Purple Foxy

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The company is now the first and only health insurance platform to provide complete coverage for ground-breaking, early diagnostic testing that includes artificial intelligence (AI)-powered analysis of brain imaging

Fountain Health Announces Full Coverage on Neurological Imaging
Fountain Health Insurance Logo

Fountain Health Insurance Logo

NAPLES, Fla. - November 15, 2022 - (

Fountain Health is proud to officially announce 100 percent coverage of Combinostics cMRI™ and cDSI™ — the industry-leading AI-enabled neurological imaging and decision support AI solutions for the early detection, diagnosis, and ongoing management of neurological disorders.

With an increasing ageing population, the U.S. has an urgent need to address the high prevalence of age-related dementia, which is expected to increase from 57 million to 85 million by 2030. Adding to the severity of the issue are the challenges with accurately differentiating between dementias and the exponentially high cost of diagnosis and treatment. In addition, multiple sclerosis (MS), is the second most expensive chronic condition in the U.S., costing $28 million in diagnosis and treatment annually.

Combinostics' AI-powered platform offers tools and software to support clinicians in the early detection, differential diagnosis, and ongoing management of patients with neurodegenerative and neuroinflammatory disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, dementias, MS, traumatic brain injuries, and epilepsy. The cMRI™ application within supports radiologists with AI-enabled imaging quantification, while the cDSI™ application combines and analyzes key patient and demographic data to support neurologists in diagnosis, testing decisions, prediction of disease trajectory, and treatment management. The company's groundbreaking Dementia Differential Analysis and clinically focused cMRI reports facilitate patient management as well as communication between radiologists, neurologists, patients, and their caregivers. A confident, accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment can have a significant impact on patient and caregiver well-being and quality of life throughout the disease course.

"Full coverage of cMRI and cDSI is just another avenue for Fountain Health's commitment to saving lives through preventative health," says Robert J. Rossiter, CEO of Fountain Health Insurance.

Fountain Health works alongside the world-class medical team at Fountain Life to provide their clients with access to life-altering tests and diagnostics. "While the best medical minds are working every day to learn more about neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, we've always known that everyone's best chance at treatment and management of symptoms is early detection," says Dr. William Kapp, CEO of Fountain Life. "Making life-altering testing like cMRI and cDSI accessible to more people is exactly what is needed to change the narrative around the treatment of these disorders."

"We are thrilled to partner with Fountain Health, and we look forward to supporting their clinicians and patients," said Richard Hausmann, CEO of Combinostics. "This is an exciting step forward to provide the best possible care for patients with neurological disorders."

Please reach out to learn more about Fountain Health's mission to provide transformative health insurance plans that focus on preventative, predictive, and proactive health, or visit us at


Fountain Health believes that employees are a company's most important asset. Investing in employee health encourages employees to invest back in the company. Fountain Health Insurance provides the highest standard of coverage in large group health insurance. However, the primary focus at Fountain Health is on proactive care and keeping people healthy: not only does preventative health save lives by preventing illness or catching it early, while it is still highly treatable - it saves money. Early detection costs a fraction of finding and treating illnesses like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes in their more advanced stages. Fountain Health can transform lives by transforming insurance. Fountain Health is headquartered in Naples, FL and service location in Wilmington, NC. A new global headquarters has been announced and is soon to be opened in Lake Nona, FL. Learn more at


Combinostics' AI-powered cNeuro suite of products helps clinicians make a difference in the lives of patients with neurological disorders. By quantifying brain images and integrating patient data from multiple sources with insights from previous patients, the company's unique software tools provide radiologists and clinicians the support they need for confident, evidence-based diagnostic and management decisions. The company was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Tampere, Finland. For more information, please visit


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