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Green Wine Future 2022 Announces Schedule

Green Wine Future 2022 Announces Schedule

May 2, 2022 Off By Multinationals - Social Gov

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Topics Range From Biodiversity to Wine Tourism

NAPA VALLEY, CALIFORNIA, USA, April 28, 2022 / — Green Wine Future 2022, an international wine business conference focused on sustainability solutions and climate crisis responses, is pleased to announce its schedule. Virtual presentations will take place over four days throughout eight hosting regions. A brief introduction from the regional sponsor along with an update on climate change’s broader impacts of that region will proceed the informative sessions. Session moderators and speakers are wine Industry experts, academics, scientists, world leaders, and celebrities from across the globe who are working to create a more sustainable future for our shared planet. Additional details about the conference are at

Monday May 23

Santiago de Chile Time Zone Green Wine Future Latin America

9:00 Welcome Speech – Aurelio Montes

9:15 Keynote – Greg Jones

9:30 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Moderator: Martin Reyes

Speakers: Antonio Martins, Sandrine Sommer, Hayley Purbrick, Riikka Sukula, Michael Wentworth

10:45 Luxury and Sustainability

Moderator: Jane Anson

Speakers: Nicole Rolet, Diana Verde Nieto, Liz Thach, Jean-Charles Boisset, Caroline Messemaecker

11:45 Ups and Downs of Vineyard Location

Moderator: Dan Petroski

Speakers: João Santos, Álvaro Gonzalez, Camilla Lunelli, James Robson

12:45 Keynote – Natalia Bayona

California Time Zone Green Wine Future North America

14:00 Welcome Speech – Robert Koch

14:15 Keynote – Miguel Torres

14:30 Old Vines

Moderator: Michèle Shah

Speakers: Dylan Grigg, Claude Bourguignon, Victoria Gonzalez-Gordon, Marcelo Lanino, Salvo & Simone Foti, Rosa Kruger / André Morgenthal

15:45 New Products and Services

Moderator: Kevin Atticks

Speakers: Prateek Srivastava, Ole Nielsen, Isaac Rabadá, Nicholas Karavidas, Marco Bezzi, Christian Deblasio

16:45 Sustainable Finances

Moderator: Pam Strayer

Speakers: Elisa Turner, Ela Eskinazi, Matt Young, Terry Wheatley

17:45 Keynote – Pau Roca

Tuesday May 24

South Africa Time Zone Green Wine Future Africa

9:00 Welcome Speech – Siobhan Thompson

9:15 Keynote Speech – Hans Schultz

9:30 Biodiversity

Moderator: Birte Jantzen

Speakers: Gian Matteo Baldi, Olga Barboza, Jonathan Hamlet, Prue Henschke, Lydia Bourguignon

10:45 Wine Tourism

Moderator: Gergely Szolnoki

Speakers: Marisah Nieuwoudt, Niklas Ridoff, Anna Brittain, Catherine Leparmentier

11:45 Carbon Sequestration

Moderator: Erica Duecy

Speakers: Robert White, Joseph Brinkley, Josep Ribas Portella

12:45 Keynote Speech – Jose Naranjo

Portugal Time Zone Green Wine Future Portugal

14:00 Welcome Speech – Frederico Falcão

14:15 Keynote Speech – Kim Nicholas

14:30 The Porto Protocol Adrian Bridge

15:45 Sustainable Winemaking Practices

Moderator: Doug Frost

Speakers: Riccardo Cotarella, Mark Brevot, Theresa Breuer, Benedetto Amoroso, Scott Shull

16:45 Transport and Supply

Moderator: Fabio Piccoli

Speakers: Sara Norrell, Rafael Del Rey, Pierre Corvisier, Sandra Carvão

17:45 Keynote – Chef Clarence Louie

Wednesday May 25

Spain Time Zone Green Wine Future Spain

9:00 Welcome Speech – Angel Villafranca

9:15 Keynote Speech – Carlo de Biasi

9:30 Adaptive Vine Material

Moderator: José Vouillamoz

Speakers: Darrell Lizamore, Ingrid Poblete, Laura Catena, Antonio Graça

10:45 Int. Sustainability Certification Program

Moderator: Elin McCoy

Speakers: Belinda Jackson, Alison Sokol Blosser, Elizabeth Whitlow, Petrus Bosman

11:45 Packaging

Moderator: Jimena Amorós

Speakers: Melissa Monti Saunders, Patrick Spencer, Tristan Destremau

12:45 Keynote Speech – Jonathan Foley

France Time Zone Green Wine Future France

14:00 Welcome Speech – François Bayrou and François Ruhlman

14:15 Keynote Speech – Roger Boulton

14:30 Renewable Energy

Moderator: Cyril Penn

Speakers: José Carlos Matos, Victoria Gonzalez-Gordon, Treasury Wine Estates

15:45 Water Management

Moderator: David Graves

Speakers: Francesco Cinzano, Tom Shapland, Graham O´Rourke

16:45 Community Responsibility

Moderator: Andrew Catchpole

Speakers: Rōpata Taylor, Aurelio Montes, Rollo Gabb

17:45 Keynote Speech – Sylvia Earle

Thursday May 26

New Zealand Time Zone Green Wine Future Oceania

9:00 Welcome Speech – Damien O´Connor, Phillip Gregan

9:15 Keynote Speech – Fernando Valladares

9:30 Government Policies

Moderator: Andrew Caillard

Speakers: Edwin Massey, Allison Jordan, Karen Ross, Tony Battaglene

11:30 The Value of Organic/Biodynamics

Moderator: Michael Cheng

Speakers: Sebastián Tramón, Gerard Bertrand, Johan Reyneke, Bernadino Sani, Nigel Greening, Jaume Gramona

11:45 Emerging Regions

Moderator: Wendy Vallaster

Speakers: Kamil Barczentewicz, Sven Moesgaard, Andrés Valero, Juan Pablo Murgia

12:45 Keynote Speech – Ivan Eskildsen

Australia Time Zone Green Wine Future Australia

14:00 Welcome Speech – James March

14:15 Keynote Speech – Miguel Soto

14:30 Regenerative Viticulture

Moderator: Stacey Briscoe

Speakers: Steve Smith, Emmanuel Bourguignon, Shaun Kajiwara, Pablo Dolan

15:45 Virtual Events

Moderator: Pancho Campo

Speakers: Honore Comfort,Tristán Destremau, Jonathan Harclerode

16:45 Circular Economy

Moderator: Fabio Piccoli

Speakers: Bárbara Wolff, Carlos Moro, Stefano Scardocchia, François Ruhlmann

17:45 Keynote Speech – Pancho Campo

Green Wine Future 2022 will occur May 23-26, a fully online gathering broadcast simultaneously in English, Spanish, French and Italian from eight parts of the planet in their respective time zones: USA, Chile, Portugal, Spain, France, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. More than 150 speakers will speak about new technologies, viticultural and oenological advances, sustainable finance, green tourism, business and governmental policies, biodiversity, water, community responsibility, and more.

Program is subject to change.

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