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How To Love The Caregiver Even More With Samantha Moss Medical Musings

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My Medical Musings Book Cover Page

Samantha Moss, Author

Samantha Moss, Author

Samantha and Peter

Samantha and Peter

She May Have ‘Shuttered’ Bones but Blogger Turned Author Samantha Moss has Buttered Hopes for Everyone.

One day everything changed when my body decided to work against me with a multitude of health issues, the most debilitating of which was an Idiopathic rare bone disease.”

— Samantha Moss

SCENIC RIM, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, May 19, 2022 / — This is a lesson that both optimists and pessimists need to learn from Samantha who opted out of gainful employment on medical grounds to support people with chronic illnesses.

Samantha Moss is set to officially launch her book My Medical Musings on Friday, May 20, 2022, in which she shares with her readers her excitement at achieving a lifelong dream of becoming an Author. She also encourages her readers not to give up on their hopes and dreams.

In the book which is published by ImagineWe Publishers, Samantha explains what it means to be resilient and shares her thoughts on the characteristics of resilience. She also mentions how much caregivers dedicate to care for their loved ones despite no one stepping in to take care of them as they are equally affected. The book is now available for purchase on

My Medical Musings is a story of Love, Laughter, Faith, and Hope, as the author says she has been able to learn to live again with a rare disease.

Samantha 56, retired from the corporate world and lives with her husband of 26 years, on the edge of the Scenic Rim, a beautiful part of Queensland Australia.

She says she lived life in the fast lane for 30 years enjoying a successful management career in financial services. “I also enjoyed various change management consultancy roles for not-for-profit organizations throughout my working life”, she says and hastens to add that “I loved every minute of those able-bodied years and I am very grateful for the experiences I have had”.

Among her career highlights include:
 Contributed to creating an award-winning customer experience culture in the various Banking and Insurance departments that she managed.
 Leading an inspired and motivated team of people, many of whom she says are lifelong friends.
 Receiving the inaugural Leader of the Year Award just before she medically retired considering to be a befitting and special parting gift.
 Restoring a historic church building to its former glory.
 Appointment as a management consultant in the Anglican Church, and assisting Senior Church Leaders (Clergy and Lay) to bring about exciting reformative change.

She says sadly: “One day everything changed when my body decided to work against me with a multitude of health issues, the most debilitating of which was an Idiopathic rare bone disease”.

Helping others live the best life possible, despite their chronic illness or disability, is a passion and honor for her. “This is the reason I have written this book. “Just to help one person is amazing, to help more is an absolute honor. “I want others to know they are not alone in their journey. “I want them to feel they have a friend who truly understands”, she says.

Asked when she first wanted to write the book, Samantha says: “Writing this book has been a long-time dream for me. “I always believed one day I would write a nonfiction book”.

Samantha once wrote a short book when she was 21, which was self-published titled God’s Ways, Not Ours. “It was commissioned by my church, as I’d been administering the restoration of a beautiful historic church building to its original glory,” says Samantha. The book told the restoration story and documented the history of the church marking a start in her non-fiction literary career!

Talking of the driver behind her newfound career, Samantha says “I started my blog in 2015. “I was looking for a new purpose following medically retiring the year before. “My body was failing but my brain was still buzzing. “It also became a great pain management distraction. The pain is never gone but writing focuses my brain on something I’m passionate about and it’s amazing”.

She concludes by saying that her story allows her to provide a platform to connect with others who are looking for ways to effectively live with their health challenges.

“The blogging world is a writing community and it’s wonderful to be a part of it, especially the chronic illness bloggers community”, concludes Samantha who has taken about a year to write her book, a period that saw her hospitalized many times and lose her father.

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