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IDLife, LLC Launches One-of-a-Kind Genetics Tool

IDLife, LLC Launches One-of-a-Kind Genetics Tool

November 23, 2022 Off By Purple Foxy

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IDLife, LLC Launches One-of-a-Kind Genetics Tool
ID Life, LLC is making waves.

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FRISCO, Texas - November 23, 2022 - (

IDLife self-developed and launched a one-of-a-kind Genetic Action Plan (GAP) tool. The new GAP tool allows IDLife's genetics customers to input their results from the IDLife DNA test and get six individualized reports on how to put their genetics into action in the following lifestyle areas: Workout, Vitamins, Anti-Aging, Weight Loss, Energy & MTHFR. A similar tool would typically cost customers hundreds of dollars but IDLife is making their one-of-a-kind tool available to their customers for free. 

Earlier this year the company's founder, Logan Stout, appointed a new CEO, Josh Paine. Josh's vision for the company included solidifying IDLife's forward-thinking mission and to optimize the foundation for its growing field of sales associates. According to Josh, "IDLife has always been known as a company with innovative and revolutionary best-in-class products. Our vision for the future is to continue this commitment to excellence in the tools and systems we provide our Associates who build this business and the foundational processes that legacy companies are built on, all while maintaining a focus on servant leadership and support for our incredible field Associates."

At its recent national conference, IDLife also launched a brand-new website and shopping experience, modernized its product packaging, and provided brand new digital tools to its sales associates. In addition, it announced substantial enhancements to its revolutionary Detox Box that shows the company's commitment to never being satisfied and always focused on innovation. The launch of the original Detox Box broke all financial expectations, and the newest iteration is off to a roaring start. Logan Stout said it best, "the Detox Box is an easy-to-understand process that everyone needs. A great way for anyone new to IDLife to begin their journey to a happier and healthier version of themselves. The team outdid themselves on executing the company's vision and direction, and what we have planned next… well, let's just say we are just getting started with innovating IDLife 2.0." IDLife also upgraded its line of Hydration and Energy products, introducing four new great-tasting flavors that provide consumers with industry leading ingredient profiles and results that don't compromise their long-term health; a standard the IDLife brand has stood for from its inception. 

IDLife Moving Forward

With the holidays and New Year's Resolutions right around the corner, this year is far from over, and the IDLife team is hard at work to end 2022 strong. At a time when a lot of companies are trying to figure out how to hold on, Josh Paine has IDLife focused on improving its foundations, enhancing its support tools, and continuing to be innovators in the health and wellness industry. IDLife has truly created the personalized nutrition category, and what it has planned will solidify it as a company to watch in the future.

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