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John Muir Health Deprives Essential Hospital Workers of Breaks, Pay, Class Action Lawsuit Claims

April 29, 2022 Off By Human Rights - Social Gov

originally published at Human Rights - Social Gov

CONTRA COSTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 29, 2022 / — Dana Wallace, Class Representative and former Emergency Room Registration Clerk at John Muir Health, Concord location filed a class action lawsuit on February 3, 2022 in Contra Costa County. Lawsuit, case number MSC22-0009, alleges that she and other emergency room staff had been regularly denied rest breaks by management amongst other unfair business practices.

In the lawsuit, Ms. Wallace alleges her shift was severely understaffed and, as a result, she and other aggrieved employees were continuously denied their statutorily entitled rest and meal breaks. The lawsuit claims the John Muir Health emergency room department often lacked enough staff to allow appropriate break coverage and Ms. Wallace’s supervisors did nothing to ensure that Ms. Wallace could be relieved of duty long enough to take all of her statutorily entitled breaks. The lawsuit claims this also happened to other aggrieved employees, and that Ms. Wallace and others were not paid all break “premiums” for missing the breaks they were entitled to.

The lawsuit claims Ms. Wallace also realized that her timesheets were being manipulated by upper management to avoid paying her for overtime hours worked, as well as all minimum wages earned. Ms. Wallace claims she discovered several adjustments on her timesheet made by her supervisor, Keny Agredano (“Agredano”). Ms. Wallace alleges that this also occurred to other aggrieved employees as part of a systemic practice to underpay workers.

Ms. Wallace is represented by attorneys Kyle Todd, Esq. and Alfredo Nava, Esq. of Kyle Todd, P.C. Requests for comment can be directed to Mr. Todd, at (323) 208-9171 or

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