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metaVUrse LLC – DragonGuildNFT Releases updated Roadmap

metaVUrse LLC – DragonGuildNFT Releases updated Roadmap

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The Guild must come First

Dragon Handlers

Dragon Guild Summons You

Dragon Guild just got better.

CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS, ST KITTS AND NEVIS, June 4, 2022 / — Dragon Guild just got better.

Heard about the $750 mint price, Its now cheaper for the Dragon Guild community and with the new partnership made with Cyber Apes Yacht Club, It’s already achieved two great accomplishments:

Able to do it better

Able to do it cheaper, let’s explain how.

Dragon Guild has never been a standard NFT project, utility from day one, secured a plot of land in TCG for every NFT. Since TCG has not launched their alpha yet, it will not give the instant utility right away. The land is secured and will be available on the second mint along with all the other cool stuff. New absolutely amazing utility has been added that will start making money for Dragon Guild the very first week.

This is the pre-mint roadmap for Dragon Guild. It is a bit complicated, the work put into it has not only added great value and utility to the community, but also will do it at a cheaper price than was initially possible.

Dragon Guild in 3 stages

Stage 1)

Overall Dragon Guild membership access: By holding 1 Dragon Guild NFT or more

Dragon Guild NFT has become an exclusive all access pass:

-Access to the lowest trading fees allowed on CAYC.Exchange

-Access to a debit card for spending Dragon Guild coin in the real world

-Access to Dragon Guild HQ (To be named in conjunction with community)

-Access to special Dragon Guild perks and activities in TCG World

-Access to 3 special TCG World Buildings – Dragon Guild specific

-Access to special giveaways for community members

-Access to live events/concerts with giveaways

-Access to WL/Merch store specific for holders

-Access to networking events and alpha information of the market

-Access to specialized bots for trading/ Helping tools

-Access to a security online expert, and a network of knowledgeable people to keep funds safe.

-Access to all future ideas and innovation

Stage 2)

Mint the dragon handlers. (8888 Female Dragon Handler NFTs)

Main collection utilities:

-Share of profits from online casino

Will start rolling from month 1

-Share of profits from CAYC.Exchange

Rolling from day 1

-Share of profits from commercial plot

-Share of profits from Dragon Guild branding

including but not limited to:

-Comic book/anime


-Share profits from revenue of patents including:

1) Gambling web3

2) Streaming web3

3) Tickets web3

-Staking for Dragon Guild Coin

Yes, minting coin

-Staking for tax benefits from community charity functions

-Upgradeable NFTs for fighting

-Get free treasure map NFT ($100 non holders) to win 1 Bitcoin in TCG

Stage 3)

Mint the male warriors

Second collection utilities:

-TCG land plot linked

-Staking for Dragon Guild Coin

-Staking for Tax benefits

-Upgradeable NFTs for fighting

-Get treasure hunt specific items for free. ($100 non holders)

So, now you are probably wondering, how will this be cheaper than what we originally said? Not only adding a bunch of utility that is far better than most other projects alone, but also added a new collection of NFTs. Well, that is where it gets interesting.

As mentioned earlier, TCG is not in alpha yet so it is not ready, and if this was the only utiltity the mint would wait. The Cyber Apes Yacht Club is ready. The last piece of the puzzle is in place and this opens up possibilities never thought possible. Alone strong, together, unstoppable.

How unstoppable? Well, the original plan for mint cost was $750. The extra utility would bring this mint up to well over $1000 if done all together. Now, The community deserves to reap the rewards.

This mint will be $375. Half of price of prior mint, to stack up a few extra, and hold on for dear life.

Holding a Dragon Guild NFT, the second mint will be free. Is this a mistake? No, Dragon Guild is adding a second NFT Collection and a plot of land currently worth between 1 and 12 BNB. Let’s break this down:

-1 Female NFT

-1 Male NFT

-TCG land plot linked

-Endless actual utility and fun.

The community comes first and now the total cost will be … $375.

How is this possible? Well, the first collection is so powerful with its utility, even from day one, the project will make enough money to pay for itself and then some in a matter of a few months. More NFTs, more utility, for less money. This is what the Dragon Guild is about. Giving back to the community in every way possible, that is what the Guild is built on, and how it will keep building. This project in the short term is full of utility, but in the long term endless possibilities will become available.

In the beginning, this will mean building the project stronger and more powerful, doing things people can’t even imagine, and laying groundwork for long term growth and viability. While at the same time showing the community holding a Dragon Guild NFT is not only being part of something that will put its firm grip on the future of web3, but also that it is very rewarding to be a part of it. Random airdrops can happen at any time.


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