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Miami Stem Cell Announces New Ownership

Miami Stem Cell Announces New Ownership

December 23, 2022 Off By Purple Foxy

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MIAMI - December 23, 2022 - (

Miami Stem Cell, a renowned Miami-based Regenerative Medicine Institute that possesses a highly effective track record at relieving musculoskeletal pain for over a decade, announces that it has been acquired by a new investment group under the helm of Greice Murphy.

Greice is a highly successful leader and compassionate entrepreneur that plans to expand the brand's footprint and its current line of pain-related services to include state-of-the-art regenerative esthetics and sexual wellness treatments. In addition, her passion for philanthropy designed the Miami Stem Cell Foundation, a community grassroots-driven foundation that will provide access to free stem cell treatments to the ones in need - particularly the underprivileged medically fragile population.

"I am beyond excited to have relocated with my family from Atlanta to Miami - I am Brazilian, and I've always dreamt to live close to my Latin culture. Here, in Miami, I am home," exclaimed Greice, the new owner and CEO of Miami Stem Cell

Miami Stem Cell has successfully compiled extensive evidence-based data of over 7500 treatments that quantify with an unprecedented high success rate over the past decade. Its committed team of highly qualified / US Board Certified doctors cover a variety of specialties, and this is another invaluable asset the company retains. "It is rare when you find in a company a combination of cutting-edge medical expertise with a strong mission and a committed team - and that is what has catapulted Miami Stem Cell to become an unrivaled leader in Regenerative Medicine," said Greice.

Greice spearheaded the acquisition of the highly coveted Stem Cell Institute alongside her partner Albert Roque, a local Miami-based banker with over 25 years of experience, who identified and presented the opportunity to Greice. "My mission in life is about adding significant value to those that I have the privilege to serve and lead. It's about putting a stamp of excellence on the future and building a legacy - and I believe that Miami Stem Cell is the perfect channel to allow for my mission to continue to flourish," exclaimed Greice.

Greice also mentioned that while the patient-centric core values of Miami Stem Cell will remain intact, they will in turn be proactively looking for new ways to make their services accessible to the communities they serve. "Taking the initiative to offer financing options to our patients was key to making these innovative / non-invasive treatments more accessible to all," said Greice. Because their treatments are comprised of advanced technology and an effective medical protocol/methodology, the improvement results are quick, long-lasting, and completely pain medication-free. Greice concluded by adding: "We are pioneers in BMAC / Stem Cell therapies - everyone deserves a pain-free life, and we have proof that our bodies have a tremendous power to heal from within." 

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