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MTM, Inc. Partners With TCARE Inc. to Proactively Engage Caregivers With Age Tech Solution

MTM, Inc. Partners With TCARE Inc. to Proactively Engage Caregivers With Age Tech Solution

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MTM, Inc., one of the nation's most experienced and qualified non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) brokers, is honored to announce its partnership with TCARE Inc. The partnership aims to proactively engage older adults and their family caregivers by providing closed-loop transportation and related services throughout their aging and caregiving journey. TCARE is the leading aging-in-place technology and data analytics provider in the elder care and disability space. TCARE's platform, partnered with MTM's leading network of NEMT providers—as well as vetted food security and home safety-related services—offers unparalleled support to older adults and their family caregivers. MTM's network closes the communication loop between service providers and caregivers, and assists in improving family caregiver engagement.

According to a 2020 report from AARP, there are an estimated 41.8 million caregivers in the United States. Of that, 89% are unpaid caregivers, either family or friends of the care recipient. Unpaid caregivers often report symptoms of burnout—strained physical and mental health due to elevated stress and lack of support. Enabling caregivers with resources to help them recognize and alleviate the root causes of burnout has been shown to have a positive impact on the outcomes of those they are caring for.

The TCARE technology and data platform is the only evidence-based, ACL-accredited, and CMS-approved family caregiver support program that reduces family caregiver burnout and delays nursing home placement. The TCARE platform identifies the root cause of a caregiver's burnout, based on its patented and evidence-based clinical protocol. This protocol allows the digital solution, in collaboration with a Certified Care Manager, to suggest the most effective tailored intervention specific to where that caregiver is in their own unique family circumstances and situations. TCARE then leverages its curated closed-loop referral system to provide referrals at the right time and place. 

Through the integrated TCARE-MTM age tech solution, Care Managers can assist caregivers in scheduling transportation, along with closing food security and home-safety gaps. In turn, MTM can provide real-time digital feedback on service status to close the loop on service delivery. This commercial collaboration between TCARE and MTM brings together two innovative aging-in-place solutions, creating maximum value to customers. The technology integration provides an unparalleled experience for caregivers, creates real-time engagement feedback for customers, drives family caregiver support forward, and enables positive outcomes for older adults.

"TCARE's mission is to be the single solution for aging-in-place strategies for its enterprise partners. TCARE partners with organizations that provide evidence-based solutions with proven aging-in-place outcomes. The partnership between TCARE and MTM creates the most comprehensive SDOH solution for our healthcare system," said Ali Ahmadi, CEO of TCARE. "MTM's impressive transportation platform and their network is the most robust and national solution in the market. It is a natural fit for a mutual partnership to help as many families as possible. MTM's technology, coupled with TCARE, allows us to outreach and engage with diverse elder and disabled populations and expand the mission of equity in our healthcare system."

"We are delighted to grow our partnership with TCARE to drive meaningful change in our communities," said Alaina Macia, President and CEO of MTM. "Together, TCARE and MTM will continue to move towards the shared goal of empowering healthy aging-in-place by supporting caregivers at scale so they can focus on what matters most: taking care of themselves and their loved ones."


TCARE's technology is an award-winning, evidence-based family caregiver support solution that uses precision targeting and mapping of resources to reduce family caregiver burnout. TCARE's technology comprises state-of-the-art intelligent machine learning models, data prediction and analytics that pull Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) data creating innovative LTC, LTSS, and MA population health risk management solutions. TCARE's solution partners with LTC/LTSS/MA risk-bearing carriers to identify risk, stratify risk, mitigate risk, and continuously monitor risk of facility placement of our elder loved ones to enable aging-in-place. 

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MTM, Inc. is the nation's most trusted and qualified partner for healthcare, transportation, and logistics solutions. Since 1995, MTM has managed NEMT for state and county governments, managed care organizations, health systems, and other programs involving transportation for the disabled, underserved, and elderly. Leveraging technology to streamline processes and improve the user experience for all stakeholders, MTM's wide spectrum of services help clients improve health outcomes, promote independence, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction.

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Original Source: MTM, Inc. Partners With TCARE Inc. to Proactively Engage Caregivers With Age Tech Solution MTM, Inc. Partners With TCARE Inc. to Proactively Engage Caregivers With Age Tech Solution

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