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New Website, Book Reveal That When Physics is Added Into the Mix, There’s a Fresh Answer to the question ‘What is God?’

New Website, Book Reveal That When Physics is Added Into the Mix, There’s a Fresh Answer to the question ‘What is God?’

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The author’s new book

Anita’Moorjani best seller

Albert Einstein

Before physics, mathematics and a universe existed, there had to be some kind of totality that is everything.

NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 28, 2022 / — A leading researcher in the field of human-spiritual relativity, author Christian Howard proclaims: “the chair you’re sitting on, the food you eat, water, mathematics, our planet home, nothing in the universe can create itself. Where do they come from? It has to be from a creative force unrestricted by time or space. And without time limitations, this means all possibilities like the beginning and end of the universe and everything that will ever happen already exist right now. We all lived and died these lives before the universe began.”

Howard uses examples like Edgar Cayce who predicted the rise of Hitler, the El Nino and La Nina atmospheric conditions we did not know about until decades later, and in 1927 said a drop of blood would be used to determine the entire condition of a human body, to show there is nothing new anywhere. “There are many people who show us what we call the future already exists,” he says. “The whole universe is like a movie – it was written and produced with characters who all played their parts and a story that comes to an end before we sit down to see it. So when we ask ‘what is God’,maybe that’s the wrong question and instead we should ask – ‘what isn’t God?’ Every dream we will ever dream, things we do, people we meet, the beauty and love we will experience, it all had to exist as thoughts in the heart of God before the universe began. God is not some person sitting up there judging what we do. That’s the old going-away God. A force unconstrained by time or space has to be in everything. This is the new God, the energy in every breath we take, in every second of who we are. We are all thoughts that have existed forever in eternal God’s mind. All of everything, this is God.”

In his new website and book Howard points to miracles as other examples of God’s total power and reality. He usesthe returns from death of Dr. Eben Alexander who died from a rare brain disease, Dr. Mary Neal who drowned, and business owner Anita Moorjani who died from stage 4 cancer. They went to a dimension where they were miraculously healed and given their lives back. Howard wanted to know if this dimension of miraclescould reveal God’s character, God’s essence.He said is does and explains: “While undergoing their miracles and being raised from death, Eben, Anita and Mary all felt the same thing – love, an intense, penetrating, all-enfolding love. And with the resurrections happening to an atheist neurosurgeon in the US, a Hindu raised in Hong Kong, and a Christian orthopedic surgeon who died in South America, I realized this is a love without borders or belief constraints available to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Jesus was right on when he said – “God is love.” So many people throughout the ages including Einstein have told us that love is the answer to all problems.”

After concluding his research, Howard is launching his own mission so help everyone access the same kind of miraculous love that healed Eben, May and Anita. He wants us to join together as the human family and download love from what he calls our ‘spirit families’ to help get rid of the hate from our world. “The evidence is clear that we have souls, we are like ET’s that have come to this planet wearing spacesuits called human bodies. We are all little pieces of God practicing how to be like God in what is obviously a dreamworld, a big delusion matrix only real to us here with our human brains. And we all wake up from thisdream when we die. Our job here is to bring love into our hearts and lives so when it is our turn to leave this world behind, we can be welcomed home to the place where only love is allowed.”


About Christian Howard

I have always felt as if I were preprogrammed to explore the relationship of the normal to the paranormal, physical to spiritual. Are we just one of many species that evolved on our planet, or are we more than just human animals? My experiences showed we are more than we can imagine. We are part spirit and spirit is like a forgotten link, an app on the cellphone of our lives we forgot how to use. I’m doing my share to help us remember so its power of love cancome into our lives and flow through us to others and help heal our world.

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