OrthoDots CLEAR – Orthodontic Dental Wax Alternative for teeth w/Braces – Oral Personal Care Wax that Soothes Painful Gums – Effective Wax for Braces and Gishy Goo Relief

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Price: $37.95
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Ingredients :

Dental Wax
GOES ON CLEAR & STAYS ON: Made of clear, medical-grade silicone, OrthoDots are 17 times clearer than regular braces wax. They stay on even while eating or drinking. Non-toxic and latex-free, they’re safer than tooth wax.
MOISTURE-ACTIVATED: Unlike traditional wax for braces gum, OrthoDots use moisture-activated technology. They adhere to braces and clear aligner edges, offering a comfortable fit, more pliable than dentalwax or wax for dental use.
SAFE, CONVENIENT PACKAGING: Ditch the rows of cera para brackets or orthodontic wax. OrthoDots are sealed individually, making them perfect personal orthodontic supplies. Toss them in bags or pockets, ensuring protection against braces irritation anywhere.
SIMPLE YET VERSATILE: Easy to apply on braces, clear aligners, or retainers, OrthoDots provide hours of relief. Unlike brace wax or teeth wax, OrthoDots mold around areas, staying in place even with food or drink.