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Patrick Bertagna, CEO, MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp), Talks About Competitive Advantages Of GPS SmartSole

Patrick Bertagna, CEO, MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp), Talks About Competitive Advantages Of GPS SmartSole

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Patrick Bertagna, CEO, MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp) / OTC Symbol MLRT

GPS SmartSole


Also Discussed Are The Latest Developments In The Company’s Transition and Rebranding….”In The Boardroom” On


We are honored to chat today with Patrick Bertagna, CEO, MetAlert (formerly GTX Corp), about the competitive advantages of GPS SmartSoles vs. Apple AirTags and latest developments regarding rebranding”

— Martin Eli, Publisher

RYE BROOK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022 / — Thank you for joining us again today, Patrick. We read with great interest this recent article in Times Now ( , “Families are attaching Apple AirTags to their loved ones who have dementia – in case they wander off”.

It seems to us that this market is growing exponentially, worldwide, and that the MetAlert solution offers several important technological competitive advantages vs. the limitations of the Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) AirTags. Your thoughts on this, Patrick, care to do a deep dive on this issue?

Patrick Bertagna: Apple is a great company and makes great consumer products, and people using the Air Tags to help locate loved ones that have dementia certainly validates that wandering is a very real and serious problem, however the Air Tags, according to Apple, were not designed to track people with cognitive disorders, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or even autism. These are conditions that require a much more robust solution. For example you want a tracking and monitoring device that will be on and stay on the patient at all times, you want a device that will work anywhere, not just around Apple phones and you’ll want a device that sends you alerts anytime your patient or loved one wanders off beyond a pre set zone. All of which the Air Tags do not provide. Our GPS SmartSoles were designed specifically for wandering, so they have all the safeguards built in. For example the electronics are embedded inside an orthotic insole. So they will always be on the patient anytime they leave the house and they will stay on because no one takes off their shoes while walking around. They have a 4G LTE module just like your cell phones, so they work anywhere in the world there is cellular coverage. And the app can be set up to send you notification if the wearer leaves or enters a designated area, so the care giver doesn’t need to constantly be looking at their phone. That’s just not realistic, as a care giver you want to know when your patient wandered off, but not have to be looking at you phone 24×7. In addition, our next generation SmartSoles with Bluetooth connectivity will allow other medical devices to connect which will add health monitoring features to location tracking, a feature the Air Tags do not have. For all these reasons we believe the GPS SmartSoles are a far better solution to this growing global problem . Congratulations on the transition from GTX Corp to MetAlert which is now trading under its official new ticker symbol MLRT ( . We enjoyed your discussion on The Stock Day Podcast ( where you discussed many aspects of the transition: the rebranding, the MetAlert solution, MetAlert technology, revenue streams, long term growth potential and many other issues. Care to summarize and elaborate on those key points here and what are the key takeaways you would the financial community to understand about MetAlert at this exciting stage of your growth?

Patrick Bertagna: We are very excited to have successfully completed all our corporate actions. It was a big undertaking, but we now have an opportunity to turn those initiatives into success for the Company and its shareholders. The Company needed to rebrand itself because the board of directors no longer felt the name GTX Corp clearly represented who and what the Company is and does, MetAlert screams out what we do – we provide solutions that collect vital data and alerts caregivers so that their loved ones or patients can live a better, safer and longer life. We expect a lot of positive to come out of this and so far the business community and the investment community has embraced our actions. As we head into 2023, any new products, new strategic relationships, new developments on the horizon you’d like to talk about?

Patrick Bertagna: Yes, yes and yes. We have a lot going on right now. We are testing our SmartSoles with new distributors in Europe. We have several new partnerships and new products we expect to announce and launch before the yearend. Our engineering department is working on expanding our SmartSole capabilities, so they will become a mobile hub for other wearable devices. Our SmartSoles have a cellular radio and by adding Bluetooth we can then connect to other medical devices that do not have cellular connectivity. What this means is, someone can wear our SmartSoles and have let’s say a heart monitor around their chest and as they are walking around our SmartSoles send their location to the cloud along with their heart rate. This is just one simple example of where MetAlert is heading in the future. And lastly our marketing team is working tirelessly with our rebranding and marketing campaign. Thanks again for joining us today, Patrick. We look forward to frequent updates from you and MetAlert! Any final thoughts you would like to mention today?

It was my pleasure, thank you. We are working on 2 new projects which I hope to be able to share with your audience on our next chat.

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