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Pivotal Analytics Releases Study Findings on Hottest Markets for ASC Investment

Pivotal Analytics Releases Study Findings on Hottest Markets for ASC Investment

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Data-Driven Insights Go Beyond Utilization to Assess Market Propensity for Ambulatory Surgery Center Use

PITTSBURGH - October 26, 2022 - (

Pivotal Analytics, a provider of next-generation business intelligence technology for healthcare investment decisions, has released the findings of an assessment of the hottest U.S. markets for ambulatory surgery center (ASC) investment. The study results underscore the complex dynamics of the healthcare market and the corresponding need to apply a data-driven, analytical approach to healthcare investment decision-making, particularly within a global ASC market that's expected to reach $117 billion by 2027.  

The Pivotal study methodology went beyond the most basic indicator of a market's ASC opportunity — low utilization rates — and added a dimension that's vital to gauging the true opportunity potential: the propensity of a market's healthcare consumers to use an ASC for outpatient procedures. To assess a market's propensity for these alternative sites of care, Pivotal incorporated its proprietary healthcare behavioral profiles to develop a target profile representing the percentage of consumers with the desire and willingness to use an ASC.  

"Identifying opportunities to invest in ASCs or other healthcare facilities often takes a scattershot approach, leading to sub-optimal decisions that don't generate the best returns for healthcare organizations, developers or investors," said Eli Dresner, managing director, client solutions, Pivotal Analytics. "An analytical approach using advanced, proprietary data like healthcare behavioral profiles and ASC propensity yields startlingly different results than simply focusing on markets where ASC use is currently lower than the national average." 

The Pivotal assessment identified the 10 markets with the lowest ambulatory penetration and above-average propensity for ASC use, as well as the 10 markets with the highest propensity for ASC use and below-average utilization. These results pointed to several progressive healthcare markets that have been slow to invest in ASC facilities but are ripe for growth, along with several larger metropolitan areas where patients have a strong desire and willingness to out-migrate for a variety of outpatient procedures. 

The assessment methodology leveraged Pivotal's business intelligence platform and predictive analytics capabilities, as well as unique data assets such as claims, demographics, and healthcare behaviors, that uncover patterns in how patients make healthcare decisions. Given the dynamic nature of the healthcare market and the need for equally dynamic healthcare investment planning approaches, Pivotal intends to update its ASC investment assessment with new data and scenarios over time.    

To learn how Pivotal helps stakeholders make data-driven decisions about ASC investments, download this case study on identifying optimal submarkets for ASC expansion.  

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