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Reach Healthcare Debuts ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ Immersive Technology Experience at HLTH 2022

Reach Healthcare Debuts ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ Immersive Technology Experience at HLTH 2022

November 3, 2022 Off By Purple Foxy

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SAN DIEGO - November 3, 2022 - (

Reach Healthcare will debut a three-part exhibition at HLTH 2022 entitled "Beyond the Ordinary." It will showcase three multi-sensory immersive solutions for transforming health and well-being care and take attendees on a three-part experiential journey that explores new modalities for addressing: workforce wellness and clinician burnout; improving maternal-infant health outcomes; and boosting post-operative and transitional recovery, rehabilitation and chronic healthcare management.

Reach Healthcare experiences will be centrally located in the Bassano Rooms (#2602, 2603 and 2604) during HLTH 2022, which runs Nov 13 through 16 at the Venetian Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas NV.

"What if we focused more on sensory elements in health centers, birth centers, diagnostic centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers…even hospital-at-home and retail health?" Reach's President, Fran Ayalasomayajula, asks. The Reach sensory solutions go beyond tossing a plant in a corner or drowning out spaces with white noise. 

"For centuries research has shown the power of sensory stimulation to heal, revive, and restore," Reach's President, Fran Ayalasomayajula, points out. At HLTH, Reach will present a walking gallery experience infused with elements that stimulate the senses, through the application of transformational and immersive sound and music, visual effects and imagery, textures, smells and tactile interaction. 

This first-time offering at HLTH will showcase ways technology can be used to harness positive, calming, healing, and restorative experiences. It will serve as a departure from traditional approaches.

"HLTH is pleased to have Reach Healthcare host their breakthrough immersive therapeutic approach to health and wellbeing at this year's event. This is an important area of focus for HLTH and aligns perfectly with our recently launched brand - WELL by HLTH," said Rich Scarfo, President of HLTH.

Reach Healthcare's mission is to provide a platform that delivers groundbreaking solutions to improve and transform healthcare delivery and outcomes for providers and patients, as well as to offer cost-effective solutions for payers. 


Reach Healthcare's "Beyond the Ordinary" experiences at HLTH are built on three relevant scientific findings: 

  • Healthcare Settings Matter. In a 2020 Clinical Empathy study that Reach commissioned with Ipsos, a key finding was that environments matter. Patients seek supportive and familiar environments, and they also place a high value on milestones and memories associated with their environments. 

Healthcare Settings directly affect the patient's overall health and well-being, since they also impact relationships, including those of care teams and healthcare consumers. Reach Healthcare solutions enable care facilities, especially hospitals and healthcare providers, to deliver a less stressful experience and minimize the upset and friction between the patient with their providers.

  • Sounds and Music Matter. Additional research by Reach revealed that listening to certain sounds and music can reduce anxiety and pain, blood pressure and heart rate, improve sleep quality, mood, mental alertness and memory -- and shorten the length of hospital stays. The layering of digital multimedia and cinematography also delivers similar positive health outcomes. 
  • Sounds are not limited to the patient journey - but also extend to the provider. The Aesthetic Surgery Journal reported that researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston found that plastic surgeons closed incisions better and faster when done -- while listening to their preferred music.


"Beyond the Ordinary" presented by REACH comes to life with the engagement of Reach's technology partners, including HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions (DTS). REACH's Happy Mama, a maternity app and decision support tool for maternal health professionals, is powered by the HARMAN Remote Care Platform (RCP). Happy Mama will be on display as part of the activation

HARMAN International is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. that is focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets. 

This collaboration with visual effects powered by Samsung Digital Display Division joins others within the Reach orbit. They include: Birth & Life Photography and MovingArt by Louis Schwartzberg, as seen on Oprah (OWN), Netflix, and Reach Live. 

Other contributors to the "Beyond the Ordinary" presented by Reach include OddBall, HealthTunes, Spatial Inc., and Visual Health Solutions. 

Reach Healthcare's "Beyond the Ordinary Experience" at HLTH 2022 "takes the attendee on a holistic therapeutic journey through the art and science of healing and wellness -- with the help of immersive multisensory technologies that deliver solutions from a 'people-first' perspective to transform everyday lives," concludes Reach's President, Fran Ayalasomayajula.


HLTH (pronounced "health") is the leading platform bringing together the entire health ecosystem, focused on health innovation and transformation. From unparalleled events with industry-leading speakers to inspirational digital content and mission-driven initiatives, HLTH creates a unique marketplace for the health community leading the dialogue and development of a better health ecosystem. Our mission is to gather the health community in curated, purposeful engagements that accelerate healthcare innovation.

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REACH is a 501c3 global innovative social impact organization whose mission is to improve and transform healthcare delivery and outcomes for providers and patients, as well as to offer cost-effective solutions for payers. 

Maternal mortality and morbidity prevention is a top priority area for the organization. Reach is the founder of the National Save Moms Campaign (, Save Moms Global (, Maternal Application of Technology for Community Health (MATCH) Coalition (, and Happy Mama (

Reach, established in 2016,  is focused on pragmatically improving large-scale and sustainable health programs for enhanced healthcare equity, access, and delivery based on its four pillars: (1) Research to identify where change is needed that could result in actionable outcomes; (2) Education; (3) Thought Leadership and (4) Innovative Immersive Special Interest Therapeutic Platforms, including Happy Mama, focused on maternal health for mothers as well as clinicians; Workforce Wellness to tackle clinician burnout; and IB Healthy Wellness and Remote Care digital therapeutics for rehab, chronic disease management, healthy aging, and more.

Reach welcomes new partnerships, sponsorships, and grassroots affiliates as it works to drive massive impact for better and more equitable healthcare outcomes.

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