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Rising Trends and Opportunities for Mobile App Development Industry: GoodFirms Research 2022

Rising Trends and Opportunities for Mobile App Development Industry: GoodFirms Research 2022

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Super apps with multiple features will rule the mobile application development sector in the Future.

Future of App Development is Multi-Experience”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON DC, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, May 5, 2022 / — GoodFirms, the leading research, ratings and review platform, recently released its new research report – Mobile App Development – Trends and Opportunities. GoodFirms’ latest research probes the current developments and major trends in the mobile application industry. The study further delves into how the industry is undergoing a transformative phase where applications are drifting toward the hybrid models and deserting the traditional ones. The research also meticulously identifies the opportunities in the mobile app development sector.

According to GoodFirms, the current trends in mobile app development are the inclusion of technologies that power better performance and enhance UX, such as AI, blockchain, IoT, AR/VT, and low code development. The app development world is also witnessing a sharp rise in the demand for instant apps, on-demand apps, sensor-based apps, P2P payment apps, Crypto wallet apps, integrated apps, and mobile commerce apps.

The research further proposes that key opportunities in mobile app development lie in composable applications, cross-platform app development, apps for foldable devices, super apps, utility apps, streaming applications, metaverse, and many more.

“Applications associated with metaverse gaming, workplaces, gambling from cash to crypto, payment systems, etc., will grow with the expansion of Metaverse,” asserts GoodFirms.

The research wraps up indicating how businesses and app developers can meet customer expectations by catching up with the latest trends revealed in the research.

“The mobile application development sector is evolving, and various new technologies will emerge due to the combination of the existing technologies,” concludes GoodFirms.

Key Findings:

–Sectors like finance, governance, retail, real estate, etc., can expect significant transformations due to artificial intelligence advancements in the future.

–Insurance applications have also been generally executed in different business areas, including sales, claims processing, customer onboarding, asset transfers, etc.

–Super apps with numerous features will also rule the mobile application development sector in the future.

–Users of foldable devices are increasing because demand for apps that can fit multiple screens, ratios, and densities will improve the customer experience in such devices.

–Tracking apps have a huge monetizing opportunity.

–Video and audio streaming apps will be in demand in the near future.

–There is a huge demand for apps such as Utility apps, Crypto wallets, Sensor-based apps, P2P payment apps, and Mobile commerce.

–Crypto wallet applications are also trending with improvements in blockchain technology.

–The emergence of P2P payment applications is boosting the growth of the mobile commerce industry.

–Instant and on-demand applications are allowing seamless user experience for businesses.

–The use of sensor-based applications will increase in the Hospitality and the Healthcare sector.

–Low code applications are also trending as they support a wide range of functions in various sectors.

About the Research:

GoodFirms Research – “Mobile App Development – Trends and Opportunities” discloses the top mobile application development trends in 2022. This research study also explores the future advancements and opportunities in mobile application development.

To view the full report, including additional insights, please visit: Mobile App Development – Trends and Opportunities

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