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Sopact is launching a groundbreaking platform for impact data dashboards

Sopact is launching a groundbreaking platform for impact data dashboards

April 27, 2022 Off By Multinationals - Social Gov

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A groundbreaking platform for impact data dashboards.

Join us at the launch webinar and platform tour on May 3, 2022.

CA, UNITED STATES, April 25, 2022 / — Measuring social impact requires a suite of products and solutions. Sopact’s Impact Cloud® put them all together. It simplifies data integration and saves hundreds of hours cleaning and transforming data to have continuous data-driven impact evidence dashboards.

Our promise, Impact Measurement and Management Done Right. Become efficient and impactful supply chain enterprises.

Step 1. It all starts with data + impact measurement and management strategy

1) Forget about exporting and importing spreadsheets manually. Use our built-in 200+ systems connectors

2) Online or offline data, data in surveys or databases

3) Social enterprises can align their impact strategy with all major impact management frameworks

Step 2. Turn data into insights

1) Sopact is introducing an all-new semantic layer that turns data into valuable insights

2) Users can calculate retention metrics longitudinally or add custom scoring and change labels in your dataset as an afterthought

3) It is now possible to collect data in one language and report in another. Simple

4) Apply rules continuously and improve operational efficiency by orders of magnitude

Step 3. Dashboards that live and breathe to communicate the impact

1) With this new Impact Cloud, dashboards are connected, so managing impact continuously becomes a cinch.

2) Organizations can now use our expertise to build opinionated, bold dashboards and stand for something

3) Publicly share an entire dashboard or embed individual visualization on their websites

Unmatched security.

Your organization’s data is worth it. We are not so big on sharing. Dedicated analytics infrastructure, including database and the visualization engine for each organization. Encryption at rest and in transit for complete peace of mind. Granular permissions in users and roles control who sees the last detail.

Who benefits from Impact Cloud®?

Our clients create economic resilience, help marginalized and underserved groups build assets, support equitable access to key services, improve diversity and representation, provide financial services that support economic growth for underserved communities, and promote healthy communities.

Sopact is a SaaS-based platform designed for corporate and impact enterprises to measure and manage the evidence of their positive or negative impact on people and the planet. Sopact is used by organizations like Audible (an Amazon company), Accion, Fairtrade, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship (at Santa Clara University), Housing Diversity Corporation, and many others across the globe.

“Sopact is revolutionizing the Impact Management space in how entrepreneurs and funders can become outcome-driven. The time is now to communicate impact through outcome-based dashboards. ” -Unmesh Sheth, Sopact

We invite all impact-first enterprises such as Corporate Social Impact, Social Impact Accelerators, Social Enterprises, Impact Funds and Development Finance, Collective Impact, and Nonprofits to join the movement.

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