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Top 10 Grand Tourers of the New Generation (Best Cars of 2021)

Top 10 Grand Tourers of the New Generation (Best Cars of 2021)

December 8, 2022 Off By ShowBiz editor

Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic

With the rapidly evolving autopilot technologies the age of driving enthusiasts might be coming to an end. However, before grand touring in its original form is fully abandoned, we welcome you to explore the newest models within the class. Let’s evaluate GTs of various price segments and take a look at the upcoming electric models, that not only claim to deliver the same levels of driving emotions, but also allow you to fully embrace the road in absolute serenity.
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#1 2022 Bentley Continental GT Speed

masterpiece can deliver. In 2020 the entire Continental’s range set on a journey through a facelift, with the GT Speed versions arriving last as the crown jewel of the lineup.

#2 2022 Kia Stinger GT

2022 Kia Stinger GT keeps its liftback practicality but elevates the game with distinctive LED lighting, new KIA badge, revised 18 and 19-inch geometric alloy wheels and more aggressive quad exhaust design. As before, it comes powered by a 3.3L Twin turbo V6, but it now gets a boost in performance and delivers 368 hps.

#3 2021 Genesis X Concept

If you thought all along that a luxury marque like Genesis needed to have a Gran Tourer in its stables, then the Korean brand’s most recent reveal should definitely satiate your GT cravings. The Genesis X concept has a classic profile with an elongated hood and a short rear, while its design language puts a spin on Genesis new production cars.

#4 2021 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo

Panamera has been a gold standard within the segment of family friendly grand tourers, but the time has come to give way to the new generation of Porsches with electric souls. The Cross Turismo version of the Taycan brings extra utility.

#5 2021 Polestar 1

Polestar 1 is the very first model of Volvo’s independent performance brand that focuses solely on plugin electric models.

#6 2021 Ferrari Roma

The newest Ferrari Grand abandons the brand’s latest design and follows the “nuova dolce vita” aka “the new sweet life” approach. It combines the classic Ferrari design and the advanced drivetrain setup, aerodynamics, and in-cabin technologies.

#7 2022 Audi e-Tron GT & RS e-tron GT

2022 Audi e-Tron GT will be arriving to the market in standard and RS modifications, both equipped with the so-called overboost function that can charge up your launches by another fifty ponies. With this system, the max output of the former reaches 522 hps, while the RS is good for 637 horses.

#8 2021 BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

The spot of BMW’s 6 Series GT coupe might have been taken by the 8-Series, however the heritage of the model is still preserved in the Europe exclusive fastback 630i GT with 4-door Grand Turismo potential.

#9 2021 Ferrari 812 GTS

2021 Ferrari 812 GTS is the first convertible from the brand, powered by a front-engine, naturally aspirated V12 in 50 years. Its 6.5L mill nets 800 horses and 530 lb-ft and works in pair with a 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.

#10 2021 BMW 8 Series Gran Coupe Special Collector’s Edition

The loyal Japanese fans of Munich-based giant, especially those with deep enough pockets, will get an opportunity to buy a special version of the four-door coupe. Spicing the stock 840i Gran Coupé with the M Sport package, the Collector’s Edition boasts standard 20-inch two-tone chrome M light alloy rims, extra chrome detailing and four bright color options.

Auto - Show Biz clinic originally published at Auto - Show Biz clinic