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TRESTLE Compliance and qordata Announce Consulting/Technology Partnership

TRESTLE Compliance and qordata Announce Consulting/Technology Partnership

November 16, 2022 Off By Purple Foxy

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Expert life science compliance consulting firm TRESTLE Compliance partners with qordata to leverage TRESTLE's compliance expertise and qordata's compliance management tools to provide life science innovators comprehensive compliance solutions that mitigate risks and maximize effectiveness.

BOSTON - November 16, 2022 - (

TRESTLE Compliance, an industry leader providing smart compliance solutions, risk assessments and complete regulatory, legal and investor support for commercial and corporate life science companies, announced today their collaboration with qordata to provide comprehensive programs and data-rich strategies for life science and biotech companies. With this partnership, companies can be confident they possess compliance frameworks that meet industry regulations and laws, withstand challenges and mitigate risks.

"We are excited to announce our partnership with qordata, the experts in data solutions for compliance," said Steve Vincze, CEO, TRESTLE Compliance. "With this partnership, we continue to keep the TRESTLE promise of delivering the best compliance thoughtware and software to our clients. Cutting-edge data analytics harnessed to power compliance insights and applications will provide greater effectiveness and efficiency to our clients' compliance program elements."

qordata is one of the leading providers of data-driven compliance solutions designed to simplify compliance for life science companies. In the age of growing complexity, qordata's compliance suite enables compliance teams to manage, meet and mitigate risks and ensure compliance with the changing regulatory environment. The suite includes transparency reporting, HCP engagement, monitoring, and auditing of data and events. 

"TRESTLE Compliance and qordata are a powerhouse. qordata's understanding of the complexities involved in life science compliance and data-driven capabilities, combined with TRESTLE Compliance's 20+ years of expertise and experience enable both companies to introduce invaluable compliance solutions for clients, ensuring outstanding satisfaction and results. We are honored to work alongside TRESTLE, and we look forward to maximizing client value and return on investment," said Mohammed Ovais, Founder and CEO, qordata.

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About TRESTLE Compliance

TRESTLE Compliance provides corporate and commercial life science and biotech companies with comprehensive compliance solutions and risk assessments that propel growth. TRESTLE Compliance cultivates a business-friendly approach to compliance. Based in the Boston biotech hub, TRESTLE is a highly specialized consulting firm offering the full spectrum of compliance, risk and regulatory services. Our multi-disciplined team of professionals, each with 20+ years of expertise, creates custom, properly scaled solutions with precision, speed, and unmatched value. To learn more, visit

About qordata

qordata is the leading provider of data-driven compliance solutions designed to simplify compliance in an age of growing complexity. With extensive domain expertise and experience, qordata is capable of delivering highly valuable insights, address entrenched compliance challenges, ensure accuracy and efficiency and enable compliance teams and life sciences to ensure scalability and growth by harnessing the power of data through qordata's compliance suite. To learn more, visit 

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