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From Dishwasher to Fine-Dining Restaurant Owner, a Haitian Immigrant Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month

From Dishwasher to Fine-Dining Restaurant Owner, a Haitian Immigrant Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month

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Haitian food dishes at Kalalou restaurant

Whole Snapper … Haitian / Jamaican style food at Kalalou restaurant

Guest enjoying Oxtail entree with Black / Mushroom Rice with a glass of wine

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2022 / — The Month of May is Haitian Heritage month in many states throughout the US especially in Florida and May 18th is also a big day in Haiti and various Haitian communities living nationwide. Kalalou Caribbean Bar & Grill, a Haitian & Caribbean Restaurant in Orlando, also joins in the celebration by offering two full course meals for $18 in honor of May 18th.

Kalalou is one of the few authentic Caribbean restaurants in Central Florida offering full bar with dine-in and a take out drive-thru services for fresh “homemade” style meals instead of fast food. Kalalou has become a household name in the Caribbean community in Central Florida, especially the Haitian community.

Founded in 2018 by an immigrant Haitian American who’s first job was a dishwasher, Eli Verty migrating at 21 years old from Haiti to Florida. Coming in the US in the 90s, Eli started his first job as a dishwasher working in many establishments from small to large restaurants. From working additional odd jobs on the side to driving taxi all around town, he noticed most ethnic Caribbean restaurants were only small take out places. For a nice sit down dinner with friends and family, people had to go to mainstream, chain restaurants just to have a nice dine-in ambiance even though they preferred authentic Caribbean cuisine. That’s when Eli had his “aha moment” and was inspired to open a dine-in restaurant one day.

With help from his two friends, Philippe and Mckenson, Eli launched Kalalou in 2018 in Central Florida. Patrons can not just enjoy take out and drive thru service, but the casual-dine in style restaurant offers full service dine-in, an ambiance and vibe for any occasion. Kalalou is located less than a mile from Orlando’s Millenia mall on Conroy & John Young, with a second location launching after only 4 years, Kalalou Signature, offering a fine dining experience Fall 2022. “ Here at Kalalou, We are so honored to play a small role in creating special memories in our community. From engagement, graduation celebrations, baptism, birthdays or family time, we are honored to give our patrons a great experience while enjoying great authentic Caribbean food in a fun ambiance with great services”, added George, Kalalou’s kitchen supervisor.

Blending a fusion of Caribbean cuisines, Kalalou offers Jamaican dishes like whole Snapper, Jerk chicken,curry chicken, with a concentration of Haitian dish favorites such as Joumou Soup, Lalo Jute leaves stew, Goat, Conch/lambi, and Griot fried Pork. The restaurant features online ordering capability, delivery and also to the drive through capability, pivoting during COVID until today. The location also highlights happy hour, chef specials, live music and brunch on the weekend. 

For the entire month of May, starting May 18th for Haitian Flag Day, the restaurant is offering $18 specials for all prime meals and community’s favorite top sellers. One special offers 2 meals for $18 with a choice of Chicken or Griot/fried pork (Dine in or Drive Thru), and another $18 specials for all prime meals that normally cost between $25-$35 per plate. Now guests can enjoy whole Snapper, Goat, Oxtail, Steak skirt, all for only $18 (Dine in only). This special is running from May 18th through the end of May as a way to celebrate Haitian Heritage Month. “Although food cost has increased tremendously, this special is a small way to say thank you to the community for all their support. There is no better to celebrate Haitian Heritage month than with good Haitian food and even great prices””, said Eli, the owner.

More about Kalalou Caribbean Bar & Grill:

Kalalou Caribbean opened on Aug 31st with an aim to transform Caribbean and Haitian dining in the City Beautiful. Guests can enjoy hot fresh meals such as: Jerk, Curry & Creole stew chicken, to Oxtail,  Griot/Fried Pork, Tasso, Rice & Beans, Black Mushroom Rice, Beef Veggie Stew/Legumes, Fritay Platter Combo, Fish/Poisson Gros Sel, Conch/Lambi, Salmon and many more delicious traditional Caribbean dishes. The menu contains foods such as: conch, vegetable stew, whole snapper, steak, oxtails, wraps and much more. Kalalou’s menu also features signature Vegan and vegetarian options such as their Curry Potato Stew and Avocado Legume Stew. For faster service for pick up and drive thru, Customers are encouraged to call ahead – 407-286-5539 or place order online at the restaurant website . Kalalou also delivers via ubereats or hubgrub. 

For all inquiries, email Kalalou Marketing & Branding Mgt | Modernique & Co Communication Dpt| |

Restaurant address: 5160 South John Young Parkway, Orlando FL 32839 | (407) 286-5539 

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