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Take20forLife Inc. Celebrates, Offers Ideas for Mental Health Action Day

Take20forLife Inc. Celebrates, Offers Ideas for Mental Health Action Day

May 23, 2022 Off By Human Rights - Social Gov

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Take20ForLife, INC. Orlando, FL

by Fran Briggs

ORLANDO, FL, USA, May 19, 2022 / — Today, a coalition of brands, nonprofits, individuals and government agencies from more than 35 countries are making a collaborative effort to turn mental health awareness into mental health action. Take20forLife, Inc., a Florida non-profit is part of the coalition.

“May 19 was designated as the second annual Mental Health Action Day. It is an exciting opportunity for the world to take twice the amount of intentional actions designed to elevate people and eliminate social stigma as it did last year,” says Demetra Adams Davis, Founder of Take20forLife, Inc.

Mental Health Action Day is an initiative that drives the culture from mental health awareness to mental health action. It connects people with people using customized actions that support their mental wellness.

When asked how her organization was implementing the actions Davis replied, “My team was asked to consider specific actions they would take to engage, encourage and empower individuals. Some people are looking to be led to meditate; others may ask to go bowling, to their favorite bookstore, for assistance in booking a massage, or just to be heard. These are all great ideas, but you want to go with the individual’s action.”

Mental health actions are different for everyone. All actions should encourage, empower, and equip people to take action for themselves or their loved ones according to each one’s personal preference.

Nicole Bradley, Board Member at Take20forLife, Inc. says she will be encouraging individuals who enjoy their weekends to create weekend moments during the weekdays.

“That may sound weird but the same energy that we give to enjoy life on the weekends can (and should) be enjoyed during moments of our week,” explained Bradley. “Mental health actions are important. Research shows that more heart attacks occur on Monday mornings at eight o’clock. Why? Because people are not ready to let the weekend moments slip away and re-enter fast-paced, anxiety-causing workweek environments.”

To join Take20forLife, Inc. in participating in Mental Health Action Day and sharing ideas for mental wellness every day, follow on Twitter @Take20forLife.


Take20forLife, Inc. is an organization that knows suicide can be prevented. It offers education, inspiration, mental health resources and at least 20 minutes to counter suicidal thoughts and feelings. Take20forLife, Inc. encourages and supports individuals and their loved ones who are challenged by suicide ideation and suicide. Take20forLife, Inc. has three board members on record. Those members are Nicole Bradley from West Melbourne FL, Demetra A Davis from West Melbourne FL, and Jennifer Rose from West Melbourne FL. If you or someone you know is facing with a mental health crisis, please call the crisis lifeline. 1-800-273-TALK(8255), and 988 after July 15, 2022. For more information about Take20forLife, Inc., call (855) 822-2055 and follow Take20forLife, Inc on Twitter @Take20forLife.

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