HIGHEST RATED Nintendo Switch New GAMES!

HIGHEST RATED Nintendo Switch New GAMES!

March 1, 2023 Off By admin
HIGHEST RATED Nintendo Switch New GAMES!

Thank you to Playtonic for sponsoring this video. Don’t forget their game, Lil Gator Game, is out on the 14th December and has have a 30% pre-order discount available (this is available from the 5th in the U.S.)

Here we look at the top rated Nintendo Switch games reviewed on SwitchUp during the month of November. Links to all of the reviews are in the top pinned comment. What got the highest score? Let’s find out…

Intro 0:00
Pokemon Scarlet & Violet 0:32
Lil Gator Game 1:24
Harvestella 2:24
Aragami 2 3:15
Ghost Song 3:57
Signalis 4:37
Sifu 5:21
Bayonetta 3 6:11
Tactics Ogre: Reborn 7:05
Outtro 8:02

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